Where are the DELL XPS 730 gaming rig?

Few things just come up and disappear. No we are not claiming that the suits in Round Rock really have a 187 on their hands just yet, but the evidence is mounting. For quite some time, Dell's XPS 730 gaming PC was the outfit's flagship unit, throwing down insane benchmarks and garnering boatloads of cash from those willing to pay the premium for cutting-edge hardware. Now, however, it seems that the lesser XPS 720 is the only classmate remaining, with all links to the 730 leading to soul-crushing "We're Sorry..." pages. To make matters worse, Dell CSRs have apparently been telling inquisitive consumers that they have phased out the 730 and are pushing folks to select an Alienware machine instead. So, do any of you folks know of some backdoor way to keep ordering this here beast, or should we really break out the new Brand New CD and paint our eyelids black in memoriam?
Googling a abit about the case, this is what I got: Dell sales told me the XPS 730x has been canceled and they wanted to transition people to alienware. Does anyone know why they would do this? I very much dislike the way alienware computers look, and I think their prices are usually too high. I have bought Dell computers for quite some time and if they are not going to have a high end gaming machine that along the lines of the 730x or better, im just not purchasing anything from them.

I had a great system specced out at a good price and now that option is gone. Does anyone know if they are releasing a new model? This is so annoying as I was just about to purchase the thing! The rep recommended the Studio XPS 9000 as the next best thing aside from alienware but that didn't even let me configure it correctly, no gaming keyboard choice (G19 specifically) forces a 22" monitor on me where as I would have bought a new 2408WFP because the 22" is some kind of "3D" monitor, which I am in no way interested in.