Need for Speed Hot Pursuit App Review For iPhone !!!

Yes this is true, NFS has landed to the world of iPhone, from our friends at iPhoneAlly says that EA added another racer to their collection of Need For Speed games on the app store. The franchise had seen the release of Underground, and then Shift both with decent gameplay and graphics. Now, the newest version, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has paved its way onto the app store with overall better quality in every area possible! Racing games are a great genre for iDevice developers to look into considering the accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod Touch. With the hundreds that there currently are, only a few really stand out from the crowd and those are usually the ones that achieve more in terms of things consumers like to see. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has it all and more.The main part of the game lies within the career mode which features something never been seen before on the iDevice. The whole story mode has you playing as a cop in all kinds of wicked rides taking out illegal street racers one by one. Sure, in Underground there were a few missions where you maybe played as the cop, or got chased by a cop.

But this game’s cop mode is completely sick. Each mission has you taking out someone by deceiving them with the combined help of your buddy cops and your car.

The missions involve constantly ramming into your target car to ultimately empty the gauge above it. With each hit your blow to the opponent, each nitrous boost you activate, with each hand-break swerve you perform, and with a whole bunch of other things you’ll do you will get bounty which at the end of the level stacks up with your other bounty from other missions. The more you get, the better as the bounty goes towards your leveling up and receiving new cars with each advance from one title to the next.

What I meant when I said “help from your buddy cops” earlier was that you’ll have the option to call upon a roadblock in the beginning, and then later in the mode be able to lay down spikes and use EMPs to disable your target. Though they get a little repetitive because of the lack of variety, it’s always a thrill to see the car you’re chasing spinoff.

All of the levels take place in different environment which are full with objects you’d find in that place along with some scenery that adds depth.

With a Need for Speed, game you all probably know, comes some awesome cars which even better actually exist. You start off with not so good cars compared to the ones that you’ll be receiving later in the game. Each car looks exactly like its real life version which brings me to my next point: the artwork of the game is just off the charts. I took a look at EA’s MMA earlier this week which had some pretty realistic character sprites, but this, this game is much better. The cars are a bit boxy and jagged every here and then, but they’re overall state is just more than I can describe. The backgrounds and such are crisp, the cars are pretty real looking, and the environments created in each environment seem great for such high-speed chasing.

The career mode has a total of 24 missions across 4 different maps with the difficulty of each increasing as you go along. This franchise is known mostly for the high speed action you get in the console versions and the earlier releases on the iDevice, and this definitely doesn’t fall short in any way.

There is also a multiplayer mode which only enables you to play locally with friends over wifi or bluetooth which was a disappointment. I was really looking forward to putting my skills to the test online with other people, but since there’s not a mode designated for that purpose I wasn’t able to. A racer like this always needs an online multiplayer mode desperately!

I really love this game, I do, but I’m still looking for one feature that has been in one or some of the console games if I’m not mistaken. The game desperately needs some sort of free-roam mode for maybe picking chases to go to. The barrier on the side of the road restricts you from actual free driving, and besides actually playing there’s no mode where you can simple drive where you feel like. It might be too late for this game, but hopefully if EA releases anymore (which I hope they do!) they’ll incorporate this feature to put the finishing touch to the game.

Hot Pursuit as the people over at

has been a true joy to play mainly because of the cop career mode and because of the amazing visuals. You can’t go wrong with this adrenaline fueled, action-packed title from EA. Really, the $4.99 price tag is too little to be asking for this kind of racer! It should be on the list of fans of the series and for fans fans of the genre! The whole review can be found at Here.