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Among the many minor changes included in the 3.0 release of the iPhone OS was one that would enable those myriad of iPhone accessories to work more closely with software. That is to say, to make the plugging in of one result in in a prompting to download the other. The first such piece of hardware is the latest Griffin iTrip, which, when connected, raises the dialog shown above.Debuting with Griffin Technology’s new iTrip with App Support, it appears Apple is now allowing Made For iPod- and Works With iPhone-certified developers to include automatic application download prompts when connecting app-supported accessories. When connecting such an accessory to an iPhone or iPod touch for the first time, an alert box labeled “Application Not Installed” appears, informing users that the accessory requires an application which is not currently installed, and asking if they would like to install the application from the App Store. Upon acceptance, the iPhone or iPod touch then takes users to a new “For This Accessory” page on the App Store, with a direct link to the necessary app’s listing, from which they can download and install the application. While support for the feature was likely introduced alongside more robust accessory support in iPhone OS 3.0, this is the first time iLounge has seen the functionality included in a shipping accessory. More screenshots appear below. You can of course say "No" if you don't feel like playing along, but when it comes to accessories like the TomTom car kit we're thinking you'll probably be missing out if you don't go along with the flow

Freecom announces world's first USB 3.0 hard drive, the XS 3.0

It might not look like much; in fact, we're not sure what it's trying to look like; but that there is what Freecom purports to be the world's first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hard drive. Dubbed the Hard Drive XS 3.0, the drive will be available mid-November in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB sizes, with a surprisingly accessible starting price of $175 US. Of course, it takes more than just a speedy cable to up hard drive speeds, but we'd say 130MB/s ain't a bad start. The drive can handle AES 256 bit encryption, is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, and the fanless, rubber-clad enclosure weighs in at 1.9 pounds.

$4,000 Alienware Aurora ALX benchmarked, ABOVE ANY GAMING RIG

We always expect alot for the gaming monster inc. Now they have given another blow to the hardcore gaming fans. Its a fact and we know it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest and greatest hardware. After months of saving up every spare penny, you finally have enough money for that new upgrade that you've been yearning for since its debut. All the reviews are in agreement and you have to own what many are calling the component of the year. Those who don't buy it run the risk of suffering from mediocre benchmark scores or unexceptional frame rates. While those who are able to make the purchase waste no time posting scores on countless tech forums and showing off their new hardware to friends at LAN parties. Alienware's Aurora ALX, which was just unveiled this week alongside ATI's blisteringly fast Radeon HD 5870 GPU, gets going at $2,299.
If that doesn't bother you, the late-October estimated ship date might. Somehow, the benchmarking fiends over at HotHardware were able to grab hold of one of these rigs, and the results are fairly stunning (if not expected). Granted, their test configuration was a fully loaded $4,074 model, complete with a 3.33GHz Core i7 Extreme Edition 975 CPU, twin ATI Radeon HD 5870's in a CrossFire configuration and 6GB of DDR3 memory. Oh, and blue lights. Lots of blue lights. Put simply, the one-two CPU / GPU punch produced results that led to domination that made pretty much anything else out there look weak. Don't believe us? Hit that link for the bar-charted proof. For complete spesifications on the rig, check out the here.

Business calculator for iPhone !

Yes folks TI joins HP has creasted an official business calculator port for iPhones, which ofc is not free. Calculators were the original handheld computers, but unlike the whole PDA fad, they've had amazing staying power through their 40-year history -- to this day, buttoned-up dudes crunching numbers at wooden desks have HP 12Cs next to them not for the kitschy retro street cred, but because they're functional, familiar, and do exactly what they're expected to do. Thing is, even purpose-suited perfection can only carry a product for so many years; eventually, raw technology and a new generation of users with different expectations are going to conspire to tear down the status quo. HP was the first giant to recognize that it might be a good idea to have virtual versions of its products available for a more modern medium, porting the 12C and 15C to the iPhone; now, TI -- HP's archrival in the calculator business for decades -- is doing the same by offering its BAII Plus as a $14.99 download from the App Store. That's exactly the same price as the 12C, so come on, you HP and TI diehards

Alienware invades TGS: Out to shake the Gaming World

Alien.ware has been running a series of teasers hyping an invasion. Get it, invasion... aka, new product launch? The Round Rock mothership reveals that the big unveil will occur at the Tokyo Game Show, presumably Thursday when the event officially begins. A launch so big that it will "shake the gaming world to its foundation," according to its Facebook page.
Well, in that case anything less than a mutated lizard, gigantified by a diet of radiation and city buses will be a disappointment. The Area-51 m15x is really good for the price, performance, and size and it looks good, not trying too hard like other gaming laptops I think Dell over did it with the m17x if it's not a new laptop, maybe they should be trying for a HTPC system with like a lapboard or something.

But on the other hand Just because Alienware was taken over doesn't mean that only Dell people worked on the new M17X. I don't know the specific situation, but it probably was mostly still Alienware people working on the M17X team. Being part of Dell is double-edged sword - Dell management forces certain demands onto the Alienware team, but also provides more resources.

For example, notebookcheck says that the M17X is as well built as Dell's business line, which is really nice. I would love to see a new M15X with Dell goodies - RGB LED display option and build quality on par with the M17X especially. The new M17X seems like priestage icon than anything sold in large quantities; they should hurry up with models that more mass appeal.

Where are the DELL XPS 730 gaming rig?

Few things just come up and disappear. No we are not claiming that the suits in Round Rock really have a 187 on their hands just yet, but the evidence is mounting. For quite some time, Dell's XPS 730 gaming PC was the outfit's flagship unit, throwing down insane benchmarks and garnering boatloads of cash from those willing to pay the premium for cutting-edge hardware. Now, however, it seems that the lesser XPS 720 is the only classmate remaining, with all links to the 730 leading to soul-crushing "We're Sorry..." pages. To make matters worse, Dell CSRs have apparently been telling inquisitive consumers that they have phased out the 730 and are pushing folks to select an Alienware machine instead. So, do any of you folks know of some backdoor way to keep ordering this here beast, or should we really break out the new Brand New CD and paint our eyelids black in memoriam?
Googling a abit about the case, this is what I got: Dell sales told me the XPS 730x has been canceled and they wanted to transition people to alienware. Does anyone know why they would do this? I very much dislike the way alienware computers look, and I think their prices are usually too high. I have bought Dell computers for quite some time and if they are not going to have a high end gaming machine that along the lines of the 730x or better, im just not purchasing anything from them.

I had a great system specced out at a good price and now that option is gone. Does anyone know if they are releasing a new model? This is so annoying as I was just about to purchase the thing! The rep recommended the Studio XPS 9000 as the next best thing aside from alienware but that didn't even let me configure it correctly, no gaming keyboard choice (G19 specifically) forces a 22" monitor on me where as I would have bought a new 2408WFP because the 22" is some kind of "3D" monitor, which I am in no way interested in.

Razer Naga MMO mouse unboxing and hands-on

Razer just cant stop hitting the market with something worth buying. It is a fact that Razer's got a knack for cranking out the unusual, and from the First Edition Boomslang, the outfit has also had a thing for developing gaming mice that demanded respect. The recently announced Naga is one of the most bizarre mice yet, boasting no fewer than 12 buttons on the left side and a promise of making your MMO gaming a more enjoyable experience. Alongside the wired USB critter, Razer also introduced a patently gigantic gaming surface, the $49.99 Mesasoma. For starters, this $79.99 instrument of mousing greatness doesn't come cheap, and it certainly isn't for everyone.
It's tailored for those who find themselves frequently occupied with all-night raids and something called "leveling up," so if you spend the bulk of your computing time surfing TMZ, struggling through that next level of Call of Duty or just penning your next dissertation, there's probably no reason for you to sink your hard-earned dollars into the Naga. However, if you're a World of Warcraft freak or just can't get enough of whatever massive multiplayer game it is that you play, there are actually quite a few reasons to give this a look. 12, to be precise.

Color your Sony's PS3 Slim !!!

Yes folks... now you can have a custome made PS3 Slim in your gaming place. It just came up to my knowledge that the guys over ColorWare's are offering a dream color job to your PS3s. So go on and tell your friends and spread the word that the company is now offering custom-colored Sony PS3 Slims. Color the logo, the top, the base, and up to four controllers. They'll sell you a console outright for $449, or send yours in and they'll ugly it up for $149 (controllers cost extra). So what are you waiting for, hurry up and be the first ones amoung your friends to show off ;)