Razer Naga MMO mouse unboxing and hands-on

Razer just cant stop hitting the market with something worth buying. It is a fact that Razer's got a knack for cranking out the unusual, and from the First Edition Boomslang, the outfit has also had a thing for developing gaming mice that demanded respect. The recently announced Naga is one of the most bizarre mice yet, boasting no fewer than 12 buttons on the left side and a promise of making your MMO gaming a more enjoyable experience. Alongside the wired USB critter, Razer also introduced a patently gigantic gaming surface, the $49.99 Mesasoma. For starters, this $79.99 instrument of mousing greatness doesn't come cheap, and it certainly isn't for everyone.
It's tailored for those who find themselves frequently occupied with all-night raids and something called "leveling up," so if you spend the bulk of your computing time surfing TMZ, struggling through that next level of Call of Duty or just penning your next dissertation, there's probably no reason for you to sink your hard-earned dollars into the Naga. However, if you're a World of Warcraft freak or just can't get enough of whatever massive multiplayer game it is that you play, there are actually quite a few reasons to give this a look. 12, to be precise.