iPhone 3.1 Unlock - Blacksnow - GeoHotz

The king of unlock GeoHotz, the renowned iPhone hacker to provide a hardware unlock technique for the first generation iPhone, is now back with another blow. As stated on his blog, he has been successful in trying to execute an arbitrary code on an iPhone with the baseband 05.11.07 which is currently not unlock-able. It actually means that the iPhones running on 3.1.x firmware out-of-the-box will soon be able to be unlocked and be used with any carrier other than AT&T. Currently the unlock solution provided by the iPhone dev team requires one to have an iPhone that has been Jailbroken previously. This new milestone will help those iPhone users who might have accidentally updated to the latest firmware and may not have been able to preserve the baseband. And also the ones who recently purchased a new iPhone with the latest baseband.

The image below explains pretty much everything.


GeoHot will be releasing a tool named Blacksnow that would be taking care of the unlock. This is by far the most complicated unlock as it breaks into the baseband. As soon as the tool is release, we will provide detailed instructions on how to use it to unlock the iPhone on baseband 05.11.07

Windows 7 MSN Messenger in Taskbar

Annoyed with the fact that Msn stays in your task bar on Win 7? Well that was the case for me, when I used to login/run Windows Live Messenger, it used to appear in the full start menu bar instead of going down in the task-bar near the clock. The huge tab of Windows 7 was disturbing me when I was running lots of applications.

So after a little hanky panky I figured out how to make Windows Live Messenger appear in the task-bar (near clock) instead of appear in the full start task-bar.

Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7 Near Clock

How to send Windows Live Messenger in Task Bar With Clock in Windows 7:

  • Close Windows Live Messenger.
  • Start.
  • Right Click on Windows Live Messenger.

  • .Windows Live Messenger - Right Click And Click Properties

  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility Tab.
  • Enable the compatibility check-box and set it to Windows XP Service Pack 3.

  • Windows Live Messenger Compatibility

  • Click Ok and Enjoy :D !

Apple's Magic Mouse: one button, multitouch gestures, Bluetooth, four-month battery life

Ready for some more Apple news? Well we have something you might like. Say goodbye to the Mighty Mouse (for reasons beyond those legal entanglements) -- the Magic Mouse has arrived. Hate buttons or moving parts? So does Apple, and nothing exemplifies the company's march towards a buttonless future more than this "two button" laser mouse, which has one button and no scroll wheel -- just a multitouch surface (a hard acrylic) across the top. With the Magic Mouse you're able to do familiar gestures from the Mac trackpad playbook such as two-finger swipes, but you can also do single-finger horizontal and vertical scrolling, complete with a software-based inertia (see a video here).
Sorry kids, no pinch zoom. The wireless device boasts a four-month battery life, and will be available today for $69.

LG GD900 Crystal makes a very portable fish tank!

There is always something new in the market with an old touch, remember the good old days with your virtual pets on your keyring? Well, how about an injection of life that actually roams around inside your phone? Some dude in China had this exact idea -- probably inspired by the waterproof LG GD900 Crystal in a fish tank -- and popped open the hollow keypad of his own Crystal, slapped in two unfortunate little neon tetras, squeezed in some water and snap!
There's no mention on how long the poor things can survive in there for, but chances are PETA will be after your backside well before something goes wrong. We also went through the warranty paperwork, and honestly, we think this gentleman might be in a fishy area here.

Free Adobe Photoshop for iPhone/iPod touch Released

Adobe's "Photoshop.com Mobile App for iPhone" is now available on iTunes. You can draw your own conclusions about whether this somewhat feature-limited photo manipulation app deserves the Photoshop name. However, it's arguably best-of-class for the iPhone, and includes integration with Adobe's online photosharing site, so it's well worth a look. Photoshop.com Mobile does have a number of useful tools for manipulating and enhancing your photos, including basic transforms (crop, rotate, flip.) and color adjustments (saturation, tint, exposure, vibrancy), and converting images to black and white. The app also has rendering tools like Sketch, for the hand-drawn effect, and Soft Focus for the artsy touch. Photoshop.com Mobile also includes the ability to Undo and redo multiple changes in Photoshop-like fashion so you can continue to tweak and compare without having to do your edits over again.
The Photoshop.com library, though far less well known than sites like Picasa or Flickr, does offer 2MB free storage, and the easy integration with the app is a real plus. Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone is a free download from the iTunes App Store, though at this writing only in the U.S. and Canada.

Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Phone

In case this one slipped under your radar this weekend (and if it did, consider yourself lucky) the iPhone has a new "competitor." And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. The Giorgio Armani smartphone has been formally introduced. It's a mobile offering born of the unique partnership among Microsoft, Samsung, and, you guessed it, fashion guru Giorgio Armani. In presenting the new smartphone, Jared Newman at Gadget Crave somehow managed to remain relatively "nice" as he politely implied that anyone who spends 700 Euros (or $1,031) could use a lesson in money management.
Since the introduction of the iPhone, consumers have warmed to the notion that modern mobile devices are "not just phones anymore." In this particular case, the phone's design is fashionable, but how will the newest addition to the Samsung family measure up in the areas of functionality and level of customization? Time will tell.
If anything, the tragedy of this Armani contraption is that - if proven successful - we could see a fleet of otherwise generic smart phones roll out into the market with some celebrity's name on it, contributing nothing to the mobile world other than an endorsed bucket of bolts that only serves to clutter an increasingly sleek, sophisticated landscape.

Ultrasone goes 'airy' with $329 HFI-2400 headphones

Wow.... at this price you can get Xbox 360 or a PS3 and still run away with alot of money in your pockets. Well said that they're no Edition 8s, but Ultrasone's newest cans are still aiming to make a believer out of you. The mid-range (by its standards, anyway) HFI-2400 headphones are collapsible, over-the-head cans that promise an "airy tone" from the 40 millimeter drivers. Encased in black and silver, these definitely look the part, and the bundled velvet case and demo CD certainly go a long way towards making you feel like a real epicurean. The pain? Just $329, and they should be up for order as we speak.
Ultrasone may not be a household name in the headphone arena, but for those with lots of dough and a thing for pristine sound quality, we're sure they know the label well. The company's latest high-end effort is the open-backed HFI-2400, a member of the HFI series that is doused in black and silver and equipped with an "airy tone.