Apple's Magic Mouse: one button, multitouch gestures, Bluetooth, four-month battery life

Ready for some more Apple news? Well we have something you might like. Say goodbye to the Mighty Mouse (for reasons beyond those legal entanglements) -- the Magic Mouse has arrived. Hate buttons or moving parts? So does Apple, and nothing exemplifies the company's march towards a buttonless future more than this "two button" laser mouse, which has one button and no scroll wheel -- just a multitouch surface (a hard acrylic) across the top. With the Magic Mouse you're able to do familiar gestures from the Mac trackpad playbook such as two-finger swipes, but you can also do single-finger horizontal and vertical scrolling, complete with a software-based inertia (see a video here).
Sorry kids, no pinch zoom. The wireless device boasts a four-month battery life, and will be available today for $69.