Alienware invades TGS: Out to shake the Gaming World

Alien.ware has been running a series of teasers hyping an invasion. Get it, invasion... aka, new product launch? The Round Rock mothership reveals that the big unveil will occur at the Tokyo Game Show, presumably Thursday when the event officially begins. A launch so big that it will "shake the gaming world to its foundation," according to its Facebook page.
Well, in that case anything less than a mutated lizard, gigantified by a diet of radiation and city buses will be a disappointment. The Area-51 m15x is really good for the price, performance, and size and it looks good, not trying too hard like other gaming laptops I think Dell over did it with the m17x if it's not a new laptop, maybe they should be trying for a HTPC system with like a lapboard or something.

But on the other hand Just because Alienware was taken over doesn't mean that only Dell people worked on the new M17X. I don't know the specific situation, but it probably was mostly still Alienware people working on the M17X team. Being part of Dell is double-edged sword - Dell management forces certain demands onto the Alienware team, but also provides more resources.

For example, notebookcheck says that the M17X is as well built as Dell's business line, which is really nice. I would love to see a new M15X with Dell goodies - RGB LED display option and build quality on par with the M17X especially. The new M17X seems like priestage icon than anything sold in large quantities; they should hurry up with models that more mass appeal.