iPhone 4 ????

If you see a iPhone 4, JUST RUN AWAY...This is a reader video found on Macrumors forums illustrating something weird. When the guy holds the iPhone in his hands, touching the outside antenna band in two places, he drops reception. Placing the phone down gets him 4 bars.

We're not sure if he's doing something particularly weird, like holding the metal antenna in such a way that it's shorting out. But it is strange. Or, it could be just a bug in the software, showing no bars and no reception even when you do have reception. But, he does hold the phone with the glass, and it doesn't have this reception issue.

If you've got an iPhone 4, we'd like to have you test this out too, and contribute to YOUR iPhone 4 review. Test holding it in various ways, like one finger on the glass and one on the metal, or any combination that you think might produce different results. Let us know what you find.

Update: Make sure to test this while you're IN a call too, to see if the call drops. This way we can determine if it's just displaying bars incorrectly, or if it really does impact your reception.

Update 2: Here's a video from Foundry Architect (same guy as above), with Wi-Fi off, that illustrates the same issue.

Update 3: Another confirmation from Chris Morris where he shows the problem, where it doesn't lose service, but loses about 4 bars.

Chris also said he tested the hands thing while in 5 calls, and said that none have dropped so far. He had a conversation for 10 minutes while the phone was displaying no signal with no problem. This might point to a display issue? But how does that explain the images below, in Update 4? Weird. Here's him making a call while the phone shows 0 bars.

Update 4: Reader Chris Sheehan did a speed test with the phone sitting down, with his hands on the phone, and one with his hands on but with a leather case on it. They're in order, and the one with his hands on the bare phone is really bad times.
iPhone 4 Loses Reception When You Hold It By The Antenna Band?

Chris also says he went do dial a number when he lost signal with his hand on it, and could not get a call out.

Update 5: Reader Garrett Hampton has the same, and his illustrates dramatically going from 5 bars to 1 bar, back to 4 bars. This is worrying.