Sony announces 2TB Memory Stick XC

Not even a day has passed since I posted about the Toshiba 64 GB memory card, Sony has stuck back by announcing specs for its 2 TB Memory stick, yes you read it right its 2 TB MEMORY !!! Ever wondered what we are supposed to do with this much memory? As far for my calculations I think there are not even 1 % computers out there in the world which has 1 TB space in them, and with this stick a cell phone can have this much amount of memory?

Looks like next thing we will see would be hardcore gaming machine in a soda can size! As appearing on Sony's site, the Memory Stick XC keeps the current form factor for memory sticks (most likely these guys will be backwards compatible) with the XC series (XC Duo, XC-HG Duo, XC Micro (M2 XC), XC-HG Micro (M2 XC-HG)) using the exFAT file system, and the PRO series (including the PRO Duo, PRO-HG Duo, Micro (M2), HG Micro (M2-HG)) using the tried and true FAT12/16/32