The Solar Jacket - Electiricity on the Move

Ever wondered that you could be a battery yourself? Literally speaking I was amused when I saw the Solar Jacket picture. From the picutre it is quite clear that it can be used for any low to mid powered elecrtic suppliance i.e. cell, laptop, camera etc. The Vest is not only a fashionable Vest, but also your reliable assistant for charging the electronic devices of all kinds, when all power sockets are out of reach. Vest is equipped with 4 safely protected weather proof solar panels. You can pull these panels out and leave in the sun - if you are working or relaxing than put it in the open air.

The principle of this clothing is as follows: These Solar panels absorbs solar energy and accumulate it in a battery located in the front left pocket. When any of your equipment needs to be recharged, just connect it to the battery. The Solar Vest contains useful tools and electronic parts for managing the solar energy, in its pockets, as well as cables with a variety of power connectors. It fits almost any mobile phone, laptop, camera etc. This usefull THING can be purchased for $140 dollars only.