Nokia N900

Yes guys Nokia N900 now giving Germany and Italy a way to pre-order. We have talked about the Nokia N900 a few times already and we know most of the details of the device. The N900 will be the first Nokia mobile phone to run Maemo, which is Linux derived. I can say that the N900 is the first Nokia handset that I have found particularly appealing in a long time. Now that Nokia's Maemo-powered N900 is looking mighty nice and official, the company's Germany and Italian arms have no problem going ahead and taking your hard-earned Euros in exchange for a pre-order. Both sites are actually listing it for €599 (US $860), or €99 more than what we heard yesterday. A pretty huge discrepancy, to be sure, but it's not unlike Nokia to have a flagship phone fluctuate in price. That October release date is a ways off, but if you're absolutely convinced this must be in your pocket by Halloween, you know where to go.

Nokia has said that the device is expected to ship this October at a price of about €500. If you live in Germany you can pre-order the device right now directly from Nokia for €599,00. Italian N900 hopefuls can also grab a pre-order today at the same price. There is no word on availability or pre-orders in other countries at this time.