Window 7 release date October 22nd

From the name, Windows 7, it seems Microsoft was planning to release it back in 2007 when vista was playing around. Just my thought, after using vista and xp sp3, i rate xp much faster and higher than vista. Its been 2 months I have been using Win 7 now and to my suprise I think it is a OS worth upgrading to after xp sp3. Some features of win 7 that I came accross over the internet are:

1.Performance - easily as fast as XP even with all the Aero features. The little Atom processor has no problem running the OS; the best part is it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re doing. It just works. Memory usage is kept to the minimum; the standard 1 gig of ram in a netbook is more than enough for the average user. Boot times are faster than XP; resume from sleep mode is pretty much instant. Over all, this is a light and nippy OS that moves as fast as you do.
2.Search - The integrated search which was introduced with Vista is much improved. Running on the Samsung new files got indexed immediately. Searching a folder of 100+ mp3 files was instant. For netbook users the ability to search from the new start menu allows for very quick, mouse free, access to programs, admin options and files.
3.Interface - The look and feel of Windows 7 is slick with the fancy Aero glass effects, and why not, Apple have been selling their systems based on their fancy graphics for years!
4.Mobility - Setting up a Wi-Fi connection is extremely simple with Windows 7 - the new task bar prominently displays the wireless icon. One click and a list of available networks is displayed, this gives you quick access to connect to the internet. Very handy when travelling with your netbook! Battery life is also greatly improved with Windows 7 power management.
5.Taskbar peek - a first glance the peek feature looks like a bit of gimmick but once you start using it, you wonder what you ever did without it. The feature expands on the Vista preview window to allow you bring the window into focus by hovering over the icon. The windows are live so you can have a quick peek at a download progress or sports scores. A useful feature is the ability to close the window using the peek preview window and the Media Player peek which gives you access to the player controls. For mouse free use you can use the new Win+T shortcut and then the left/right arrows to scan through the windows - hit enter to select the window and bring it to the front. The minimise all windows button has been given a permanent home on the
right of the task bar, hovering over it fades out all active windows and allows you to view your desktop and desktop gadgets.
6.Aero works - amazingly the 3D alt-tab (or Window+Tab) works perfectly with the Atom processor. This is another feature that has gone from a gimmick to quite a useful utility. The positioning of the Window Key on the Samsung helps encourage use but with the small screen real-estate of netbook screen this is a very quick way of accessing open windows.
7.New media player - one of the main uses of my netbook is watching movies while traveling. Windows 7 includes a refreshed media player which opens movies in a clean unobtrusive interface. A thin window frame wraps the video screen, hovering over the window brings the media control into view. Best of all it supports H.264 high definition encoding out of the box. I’m a big fan of VLC but i’m really liking the new media players minimalist approach.
8.Jump List - another new feature is the ‘jump list’ this is basically a souped up right click menu that adds context specific options to the right click menu. For example, right click on the IE icon gives you access to your browser history, as does right clicking the Explorer icon. Combine this
feature along with the right click button on the keyboard and you have easy mouse free access to frequently used documents and websites.
9.Loads of new Keyboard Shortcuts - find then all here