UniBlue 2009 - All-In-One - PowerSuite

UniBlue PowerSuite bundles three UniBlue products to help you keep your system clean, safe, and optimized for maximum performance. For one price, you can have RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC, and SpyEraser. UniBlue PowerSuite may help restore your PC to its former speed-demon status.
The Windows registry is a critical component of your PC. During repeated and repetitive deletions, downloads and uninstalls which may not be 100% removed every time, your registry can quickly become clogged up with unnecessary or damaged or missing file fragments and applications. These can quickly degrade a system, even from new.
Unfortunately the number of virus and other malware threats to your computer are growing. They are also becoming more sophisticated and more criminal. What was at first just an intrusive popup nuisance has now become a sustained and criminal attack from hackers, intent on stealing your private details, banking information and credit card numbers.
Malware quickly degrades your PCs performance but this can also happen if you do not keep your system defragged optimized and cleaned regularly. A PCs performance starts to slow down from the day you buy it. Constant downloads, deletes and uninstalls rapidly clog up you system. If not well maintained you will lose valuable time and maybe money for an expensive and avoidable repair!

PowerSuite is the best value support package on the market today:
Find and fix PC problems
Keep your system running at peak performance and optimum speeds
Control your system and prevent problems with professional level tools
Ensure personal privacy for your important information

How Uniblue PowerSuite Helps
Firewall and a good anti-virus products are important. But these alone wont protect you from intrusive spyware or keep your PC optimized for peak performance. This is why Uniblue PowerSuite has been developed to be the perfect support bundle for Windows PCs, operating with existing antivirus products. Where other bundles include antivirus, Uniblue PowerSuite complements your existing antivirus product. So you do not waste money doubling up on what you already have. Putting Uniblue PowerSuite next to your Norton or McAfee will give you back control of your PC, to fully protect you from hackers and to keep your PC in top condition.