Factron iPhone case packs interchangeable camera lenses, built-in excess

A perfect phone? A perfect phopograhic equipment in your hand on the go? The world seems to get smaller and smaller day by day where one small thing can do many use full things for you today that many different devices used to do. Its more likely get and iPhone, conqure the world, No? The Factron folks have been doing their custom case thing with various Apple products, but they've truly outdone themselves with their new iPhone case, which not only boasts some stylish, rangefinder camera-esque looks, but a complete set of interchangeable (presumably functional) lenses. Those include fish eye, wide-angle, and close-up lenses, which range in price from $15 to $55, while the case itself will set you back a full $200. Quite a bit to pay for a case, to be sure, but a veritable bargain compared to the $800 that some of the group's previous cases have fetched. Hit up the gallery below for a closer look.