BlackBerry Storm 2 dummy phone in Verizon's system

Waiting for the new storm to hit the market? well your wait will be over soon because it looks like RIM and Verizon are getting things in place for the Storm 2 -- this picture posted on CrackBerry purportedly shows an entry for retail mockup units of RIM touchscreen sequel in Verizon's inventory system that seems to confirm the rumored 9550 model number is the real deal. Considering how leaky RIM's been lately this doesn't surprise us any too much, but we're still waiting to see a Storm 2 that actually functions before we say an actual launch is imminent.
Can’t wait to get your hands on the Storm successor? It looks like the long wait draws to an end, as a snapshot of Verizon’s inventory system reveals the carrier has already got the Storm 2 dummy phone. As it seems, the rumor about the 9550 designation that appeared two days ago will turn our true after all, as the model number has been used to describe the much-anticipated handset. We hope the real phone is to follow shortly, so stay tuned as new details on the hot touchscreen BlackBerry might be right around the corner.