Acer's Predator Gaming Rig is OUT !

The devil is Orange! Yes, the look is sexy and slick! Its a must have for those who can afford it. Asus are out with thier alien like casing and this time putting some high end specs inside the body of this monster. First looks makes you think that maybe a robot fell out of Transformers 2 and is going to turn in to a jumbo size fighting machine once you push the ON button.
Everyone who sees this once will want to look at it again and again. After this there is no going back. Core i7 950, 1 TB HDD, Blu-ray reader and 2 GTS 250s, is there anything else left ? Its a ferrari on nitro! No matter what you are, a gamer or a designer at pixels working on Neo 2, this machine or in other words, MONSTER and handle it all. It will hit the market in US by the end of this year with a price tag of around $ 2700, which infact is alot cheaper than the LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.