Screentoaster, Free Online Screen Recording Tool

ScreenToaster is a great new web application that lets you record your screen activity without the need of installing any additional software locally on your computer.

All you need to have is Java installed on your operating system (which mostly everyone has already). This makes it a multi-operating system screen recording solution which can be used anywhere. A screen recorder can be used to make tutorials, demos, screencasts and more.

No sort of download is required, the web app can be completely controlled by keyboard shortcuts. Once the ScreenToaster Java app is running, you can use the Alt+S combination to start/stop recording the screen activity. Apart from recording activity of the whole screen, it even lets you record the activity a particular screen-area using the Alt+Shift+S combination.

Once the recording is done, links are generated which allow you to embed the screen recording on your site/blog or send them through mail.

It is currently in beta and an invite-only service. It is not able to record sound but we hope that is planned for the final release. It works perfect on Windows, Linux and Mac.