MMS on iPhone 2G (OS 3.0) with default SMS/MMS app

Tired of not being able to mms your pictures, videos to your friends while your on a holiday and dont have a laptop with you. Now its easy for you to do it. This guide shows how to enable mms on iPhone 2g running on 3.0 firmware.
1. For install copy mms2g.deb to iphone in folder, for example /var/root
2. Then in same folder (/var/root) in terminal input: dpkg -i mms2g.deb
3. Reboot.
1. Extract files from to iphone to folders same as arhive. For CommCenter chmod 755.
2. Reboot.

In settings adjust apn, user, password.
It is in cydia and named as ActivateMMS2G. All you have to do is ad rep. in cydia: .

Way back in the heady days of 2007, there was an iPhone without 3G data (hard to believe, we know, but trust us - we were there). This iPhone, though revolutionary in some ways, was marred by the love-hate relationship its users suffered for missing out on some very basic features that they'd grown used to on mobiles of yore.